When you are too tired to listen,

always remember that you are Allah’s servant as well. You are as flawed as everybody else and they are as perfect as you. Allah gives you a pair of ears and a set of eyes to lighten the load of your friends, your families and these organs enable you to see the wonders of Allah and listen to the world Allah has entrusted you with.

Do remember that no material possessions are ever as important as your deeds in Allah’s eyes. Your job status does not matter as they will not guarantee you a place in Jannah. It does not matter if you have money that will last for centuries because in Allah’s eyes, He has created the perfect creation in which He has promised Jannah and Hell to those who believes and to non-believers. Never it is stated in the Al-Quran that Jannah is possible with a load of cash. It was never stated in the Al-Quran that you need to have what others have in order to have a place in Jannah.

Try taking a step back from the world that you are living in. You’d be amazed by the things that you see and the discoveries you’d find in yourself that you have never seen before. It is almost like zooming out a picture. When you zoom out, you’d be able to see a bigger, wider and clearer picture. If it’s a scenery, you’d be able to see the trees that grow around the area or the birds that fly across a mountaintop or a lake in a forest. In our case, it takes a lot more than a zooming out button to look at the things that were once invisible to us.

We often find ourselves consoling others in their times of distress. We often tell them to be patient and assure them that one day, things will change. I stop doing this since a few months back because I realise how little this does to a lot of people. Patience comes hand in hand with effort and a lot of willpower. The will to be patient takes a lot in someone and being human, sometimes it’s tiring. We often find ourselves running to the nearest trustworthy confidant in hopes that they will be able to clear your mind. I appreciate the people who have never stopped telling me the things I needed to hear because I got tired of listening to what I want to hear. In most cases, I feel like a lot of people are telling each other the things they want to hear because sometimes, we fear the truth. Truth in most cases, they hurt.

Allah is All Knowing. He always sends the best people for us to confide in and He always knows what works for us in times of need. The only formula to get that is to believe in Him. To believe that He will help and provide us with what our souls need. Alhamdulillah. He also knows of our intentions and sincerity. What goes around, comes around.

Sometimes, I find myself being afraid of telling my issues to the world in fear that I will irritate the people I confide in. I find it hard to disclose my problems because to some people, what seems to be a big issue for me seems petty to others. Sometimes, it’s sad to watch how people put worldly matters ahead of everything else. Dishonesty, insensitivity, greed, ungratefulness, arrogance..these are all examples of what we are that we thought we do not have.

Before you start groaning about the world and how the people and the things are burdening you, remember that life is a cycle. Allah is always fair. Be sincere in everything that you do because Allah never leaves you out in any situation. If He makes it possible for someone, what makes you think He won’t make it possible for you? MasyaAllah.

Disclaimer: Please do not be offended as I do not have anybody in particular in mind whilst typing this down. This is just a reminder for myself and for others who read my blog.


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