So today, I am the Thought Police.

So a lot of people think I talk too much. Just simply talkative. Ngalih melayan nya urang. And there was at one point in my life that it almost makes me feel like I am less human and less of a person. Because I talk too much. Then a thought hits me. Why is it that I have to conform to the standards of the society and the people around me have set upon me? And since when do I allow these people’s opinions about me define me as a person?

I am not oblivious to the things that are happening around me and around the world. I took pride in knowing what is happening millions of miles across the globe. It is important to me to continuously educating myself and feeding my brain with important facts and information. It is also important to me to ensure that what I am sharing / reading / listening and watching is valid. Hence why, I will try my best to check the validity before I share it with others. I also happen to have a friend who is a walking Wikipedia who reads the Encyclopedia for fun. Yes, maybe you can call us nerds. We took pride of identifying ourselves as one of the nerds from The Big Bang Theory. In the world of TBBT, my friend is Sheldon and I am the Leonard, sometimes Penny. HAHA.

I like to surround myself with smart people. So it contributes a lot to my being talkative and full with information because I like sharing them and stating my opinions. Of course, it’s annoying but you haven’t been around my friends. I can assure you that what you’re getting from me is only 10% of all of us put together.

I will not apologize for being myself. I will not apologize for being the person that I am even if you think I am annoying. I may come across as annoying because you probably are on the receiving end of the conversation and know nothing. It is not my fault if you can’t catch up with me.

My aunts and cousins are all extremely opinionated people. Yes, there were times when things get heated up and ended as arguments but my point is, I came from a strong background. My mother herself was also someone who had strong opinions about so many things which contributed a lot to me being who I am today as a mother, as a wife, as a friend, as a sister, as a daughter and most importantly as a person.

And then there are my friends who are more opinionated than me. Friends who will say that you are stupid in front of your face. Friends who will say the things as it is. No, we are not bitchy nor are we bitter. We are all adults capable of stating opinions. When someone thinks that I talk too much, here is what I would like for you to know,

You clearly haven’t met my families and friends. I will not apologize for being me. Hell, I was in a debate team before so what do you expect from me? To downgrade myself so I will be able to join Bimboville and conform to society’s standards? Na ah. Hell no.


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